Web Design Trends in 2022

Web Design Trends in 2022

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Horizontal scrolling, once considered a web design faux pas, is making a comeback. More and more web designers are experimenting with horizontal scrolling.

Those who do it best break the pattern not to be different, but as a practical way to gradually reveal secondary information, such as in an image gallery.

DG Studio - Website Design Example to Follow in 2021


These visual effects aim to captivate audiences by presenting them with engaging content on a silver platter. Scrollytelling is also known as “narrative visualization” — a series of visual elements organized chronologically that are sequenced together to convey a specific message to visitors.


Websites now allow you to navigate and control their flow in a personalized way by understanding that each user is unique and presenting messaging in intriguing ways, similar to how you can read a book at your own pace.

Lessnoros web design 2021 - hand-made style
Website example: www.SixMoreVodka.com


Six More Vodka Creative Typography Web Design
Website example: www.SixMoreVodka.com

Multimedia experiences

With the majority of people now having access to faster internet speeds, multimedia web experiences are popping up all over the place. A rich user experience is created by combining visuals, text, video, and audio.

Vazques Creative Typography Effects in Website Design in 2021
Website example: www.Vazquez.nl

Brutalist Typography

If you prefer something more daring (pun fully intended), consider this trend with its ruggedness and dominance, which make a website stand out even when using a limited number of elements.

Brutalist typography can be seen as a reaction to today’s web design’s lightness, optimism, and minimalism. An unapologetic rugged style that stands in stark contrast to the more polished modern norm.

Designs based on preference

Web development has made significant strides toward providing more personalized experiences. This can range from including a toggle between dark/light mode and other ways of changing a site’s appearance and navigation to offering content tailored to one’s preferences, such as Spotify’s custom playlists.

New design practices and algorithms are transforming the internet from a passive to a user-centered experience. In the future, there will be an even greater emphasis on meeting the needs, wants, and tastes of those navigating websites. convention.

3D Animation in Background Video - Website Design Trend in 2021
Website example: www.DorePartnership.com

Retro revolution

Web Design Trends in 2022 As the birth of the World Wide Web fades from memory, today’s up-and-coming web designers are drawing inspiration from the early days of the Wild West.

Bright backdrop colors, apparent table layouts, and robotic typefaces like Courier defined the so-called Web 1.0 of the 1990s.

Melomayhem website design trends 2021 - 98s experience
Website example: www.MeloMayhem.com


Zach web design trends in 2021 - windows 98 oldschool style
Website example: www.Zach.dev

Dark mode

Play “Back in Black” by AC DC, because the dark mode is coming to more screens in 2021. More designers are adopting the dark mode approach, with black serving as the ideal dark backdrop for highlighting design components on the screen.


goprojectshift Modern Website Design with Bold Fonts
Website example: www.GoProjectShift.com
Muteza - Skin Care Website Design with Modern Look
Website example: www.Abhishekjha.me

Engaging interactives

We’ve seen websites take animation demonstrations to new technological heights over the years. While these have primarily been used in hero sections and page transitions in the past, we expect more designers to use large-scale animated interactions in 2022.Web Design Trends in 2022

Eye Sprint Cool Website Design In 2021
Website example: www.Eye-sprint.com

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3D and Depth Effect in Web Design

The web design trend is increasingly indicating that 2021 will be the year of 3D, big time. This tendency has been aided by better design software, demonstrating how design and technology can work together.Web Design Trends in 2022

Everything is becoming more 3D, from typography to visuals. The observer is drawn into the design by the depth and completely immersive experience generated by 3D.

Web Design Trends In 2022

Great gradient coloring, shading, and shadow effects To keep the browser on the page, there must be enough of definition and interest.

When combined with other trends such as movement and animation, the sites will become increasingly captivating. Look through this excellent collection of samples to see precisely what we mean.

Hoang.moe - trending website design with 3D effect
Website example: www.Hoang.moe
delassus.com Creative Website Design - trending in 2021
Website example: www.Delassus.com
Listening Together by Spotify - Amazing Website Design in 2021
Website example: www.ListeningTogether.AtSpotify.com Web Design Trends in 2022

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