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  • I’M HVL

    March 24, 2022 at 9:30 pm

    Among the most popular formats you can use on the web you have, in order of quality, the GIF, the JPG and the PNG.

    GIF limits your color palette.. so anything you had gets reduced to 256 colors. colors “round up or down” to the closest color in the 256 palette. Dithering can help but its not optimal… use these only if you need animation. It supports turning one color transparent.

    JPEG aka the JPG, this one has a much larger color palette but its a compressed lossy format, this means JPEG replaces true details with artificial patterns, this is to make the files smaller. depending on the image you might get visual garbage known as “JPEG artifacts”.

    PNG This is a relatively lightweight Lossless format, all your colors are kept as they should be, no artifacts. it supports alpha transparency (gradients, multiple transparent colors, different levels of transparency) but no animation.

    If you don’t want your visuals ruined, I’d go with either JPG or PNG… GIF only for cases with a low color count, or animation.