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  • Arjun Roy

    March 13, 2022 at 6:37 pm

    What I wish people understood about design is that it is not resident in a computer, or in a software program. Art and design are one in the same, it’s just the medium that is different. There is good design (one that communicates a message) and bad design (one that is unfocused and cluttered visually and textually). Just saying that you need graphic design is like telling a carpenter you want “something built”. Just because the carpenter has a saw – even a $1500 saw – does not mean he is capable of building you a Frank Lloyd Wright, or even a bench; it just means he has an expensive saw.

    Likewise, one should keep in mind that price is not always the best criteria for hiring a designer; experience can oft times be a cost savings. Knowledge and experience are what allow a designer to produce quickly and efficiently, as well as creatively. You are asking someone to make tangible a vision or idea, whether it is yours or theirs. Design is an art, not a commodity. Good design is not a by-product of software; it is achieved by asking questions and taking time to work and experiment. Software is a tool just as a hammer is a tool to a carpenter.