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  • Anup Sarma

    March 9, 2022 at 12:48 pm

    The thumbnail is a very low resolution copy of your original. All you can do is enlarge the thumbnail. but you will see that the quality is very low. Most of the photo details has been lost when the thumbnail was generated.

    I would work on recovering your original photo from the memory card. The water soaking should not have damaged the card, but it sounds as if there has been some corruption.

    As an aside, I once found a compact camera in the sand/water on a beach in California. The camera was obviously ruined, but I removed the memory chip. Once dry, it could be read. 400 photos and no owner. I did spot one photo where it was a University award ceremony and the owner had an unusual name. Eventually I tracked her down on Facebook and returned the memory chip to her in Rhode Island. If the owner had been ‘John Smith’ I doubt the final stage would have happened.