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  • Anup Sarma

    March 6, 2022 at 7:33 pm

    I’m quite picky about typography. It’s really quite hard to explain, but let me take a stab:

    1. Typography is part of the art. It’s as much a part of your work to put thought into font selection as you put thought into layout, colours, photography and other aspects. Using default fonts or font styles which don’t match your layout looks like an unfinished art piece. Using fonts that have seen their heyday such as Monotype Corsiva and Impact and Comic Sans MS makes it look like you made no effort to look beyond the fonts provided with your system. If you’re looking for a handwriting font, please look for something else … Comic Sans MS has been beaten to death and there are a million other (free) choices out there. If you care about your art, you shouldn’t be restricting yourself to the fonts provided with your system.
    2. Typography reflects your viewpoint, attitude, personality, atmosphere. Whether you use old-style, modern, handwriting or other styles tells something about whatever work it is and tells something about you. Making a poster and using Arial or Times New Roman means this aspect doesn’t come through at all.
    3. Typography is part of identity. Your organisation should have certain typefaces that can be associated with it. They are as much a part of your organisation’s identity as the logo and official colours you choose.
    4. Typography reflects professionalism. Not putting thought into typography comes off as unprofessional. I cringe when I see signs posted in Times New Roman or Arial (the default fonts in Word, I think) or two signs posted in the same building with differing font styles. It makes it look like the people making the signs did not care, and are disorganised.
    5. Typography affects readability. Try reading a 100-page document written in Arial and Microsoft Word, and try reading a 100-page document typeset in LaTeX. I almost can’t get myself through the former — my eyes hurt and I can’t read with speed. Likewise, posters should have fonts that are catchy yet readable.