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  • Swagat Sekh

    March 6, 2022 at 7:28 pm

    Typography is so important because it is the art of written communication. Communication is essential for our society, and so it’s important to understand and apply typography well, so as to present text in the best way possible.

    By not adhering to typographic principles—or knowing when and how to break them—we risk undermining the extent of expression, meaning and clarity of (written) communication.


    When typography is done well, it:

    • Invites — Good typography invites a reader to actually read a text, while bad typography tends to make people refrain from reading that text.
    • Comforts — Good typography provides a smooth, comfortable reading experience. Bad typography has the tendency to irritate, which may send your reader away without having finished your content.
    • Incentivizes — Good typography makes the reader want to read more, or at least not make them refrain from doing so. When the text of a book is properly set, you will be able to read more pages of it before the eyes tire. With a badly typeset book, you may experience that you require more breaks, and stop reading sooner.
    • Communicates — Good typography works with the proper connotations to communicate a given message accordingly. Bad typography by contrast can be very clumsy in communication and even obfuscate the message.
    • Reinforces — Good typography reinforces the meaning of text. When typography is lacking, the meaning of text weakens.


    Simply put, typography is important because it entails the rules for proper written communication.