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  • Swagat Sekh

    March 2, 2022 at 6:33 pm

    I have been working as a graphic designer for about 4 years now and for me you are at a point where everyone of us has been in past.

    Its preliminary illusion that all of graphic designers get in the start.

    “Designing is easy, just look at it, put some pictures and a text and BAM its done!”

    Once you start learning typography, grid construction and theories behind thoughtful design you really understand what it actually tastes like. Graphic designing seems easy cause the output is easy to interpret and the more simple it will be, the more complex it is actually getting behind that transparent cover.

    Let me ask you something, Does making a software seems difficult to you?
    If you are not in software industry then it might because the engineering is hidden from you and you can’t really know whats going on behind. This mystery makes you see making software difficult. The final product of software Engineering is not easy to evaluate because all of engineering is is hidden under the opaque covers of binaries.

    Design is deceptive in the manner that it hides all the engineering behind in plain sight leaving the untrained eye to judge it as easy.

    When designing for a real world system you are required to provide an explanation for every decision you take. You may be asked to support your decisions from other reputable designs or design principles. Designing something requires you to be a lawyer+businessman+marketer+psychologist+sociologist all hidden under the skin of an artist.

    You can’t really say I did it because it looks good that way until you have enough years of experience and even after that you won’t like to say that anyway. The most beautiful (and painful) thing you are going to learn is that making a simple but working design is more complex than you can imagine.

    Learn and practice more and your illusion will vanish soon. It has happened to all of us.