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  • Mashup Nayan

    February 28, 2022 at 7:48 pm

    A design degree in graphic design is definitely not worth getting in debt. I am not saying to completely forego higher education. There are successful graphic designers who broke through without academic credentials, but they are probably one in a thousand, if not one in tens of thousand.

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    Graphic design belongs to those jobs where your body of work weights much more than the name of the institution you graduated from.

    What you can do instead is to get access to the same quality training from a local community college, and hone your skills during your spare time.

    My mother bought our household’s first desktop computer when I was a teen. I would tinker with image editing or vector editing software. When I signed up for college, the 3D class was only about 1h per week, so I signed up for a job seeker’s evening class in AutoCAD. I wanted to be able to put my portfolio online, so I bought a book and started to learn HTML.

    In college I was thrown into situations that required me to learn how to think about problems analytically, how to plan well to be efficient when executing and how to pitch.

    When I started working I was able to bring on the skills that I had learn outside of school to work with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat and Rhino3D. My HTML skills allowed me to get a job where I would be trained in APS•Net and SQL, and I taught myself PHP on the side.

    My third year on the job market I won a design award for a project done in my spare time, and I got a breakthrough in my fifth year, when I was able to open doors by selling another project that I had done in my spare time.

    After eight years of hard work I landed my dream job and within three got promoted to design manager.


    If you expect to sign up for a degree, sit down for a few years and have doors magically open, you might be disappointed.

    Be smart. Be curious. If you don’t like the game’s outlook, change the rules.

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