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  • Arjun Roy

    February 26, 2022 at 1:07 pm

    The world of graphic design is an interesting and captivating one.
    Design has come a long way since the early days and it will only continue to innovate in the future. It is a creative skill that influences many of the daily items we look at from websites to restaurant menus. Without design, the world that we live in would be completely boring and lifeless.

    Graphic design is highly inspired by technological advances which occur regularly. As programs, software and technology is released, graphic designers start to manipulate them to create new trends and styles of the future.

    What will graphic design consist of in 5, 10, or 15 years from now?

    Graphic Design Today

    There are many industry standards that exist today. The graphic design industry continues to evolve and innovate. Some of these standards will be affected by current and future trends.

    Vintage Styles

    Vintage styles that existed a long time ago are making their way back into the scene. This style is seen more and more in mainly logos and sometimes websites. In the future, vintage styles will only become more popular.


    Many graphic designers swear by using the concept of minimalism in their projects. Minimalism states that the minimal amount of text, colors, graphics, and other objects should be used in any other design. Minimalism and white space is very popular in all outlets of graphic design including logos, business cards and business stationary. Websites are also taking on the trend.

    Graphic Design in the Future

    Freelance Increase

    A freelancer is an independent worker that builds their own brand from the ground up and operates as a one man show. It has been predicted that the rate of freelancers in the graphic design field will increase within the next few years. Graphic design jobs will also increase 13% as the need for design increases from small businesses, advertising companies, and design firms will rise.

    Taking on a New Skill

    In the future, more and more graphic designers will choose to pack on the skill of web design into their work. Many individuals today double as both a web and graphic designer to earn more money, and this will only increase in the years to come.

    Image Blocking

    Websites are generally filled with text and a few graphic pictures. Websites like Pinterest that eliminate the text and fix the images in the block style are starting a new trend that will evolve into the future.

    Responsive Design

    While responsive design is popular today, there are still many websites that aren’t optimised for mobile devices. By 2033, responsive design will not only take the screen size into consideration but websites will also be developed using online psychology theories. This will include things like using certain colors to trigger certain emotions among users.

    Continue learning & discovering.

  • Swagat Sekh

    February 26, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    Before discussing about income of a freelancer, lets see what does being a freelancer mean?

    I’ve tried to answer this fundamental and important question here: Vidit Kothari’s answer to What is it like to be a freelancer?

    When you have known about what it means to be a freelancer & lifestyle of a usual freelancer, you can probably answer the question yourself.

    Income of a freelancer depends solely on the freelancer’s ability. It can range from Rs. 600 to about any practical value you can think of. It depends on how well the freelancer can manage, organize his workflow, books, records, public relation, personal life, health and other such things.

    Just to give you a taste, I know someone who did 6 figures in a month with just about 6 months into freelancing while he was in a troublesome state of personal affairs.

    So, the better you are in managing things, the more you can earn.
    Of course, skill and quality are always there. One needn’t mention those explicitly. And wiser you are in investing money into purchasing machinery, resources, etc. the more work you can expect to be done. Better, more investment may usually turn into better revenue.

    Hope this helps

    Ask me if you need help with any technical advice, choosing a tech, custom builds, freelancing guidance, brand identity design and more.