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  • Swagat Sekh

    March 8, 2022 at 7:58 pm

    You can learn graphic designing at home for free by online courses available in the market. You only need to have a basic set of knowledge about-
    -Basics of drawing.
    -Typography knowledge.
    -Understand Colour Creatives.
    -Conceptual Thinking
    -Understanding Grids

    If you don’t, learn about the basics first. It’s not that hard. Internet is full of free videos and courses related to this.
    All you need to do is –
    • Practice. A lot of practice is required to brush up on your skills.
    • Maybe you need to create free posts in the beginning.
    • Start creating a network. Try to gain knowledge and links with them. They can make you learn about different experiences which you won’t learn on those videos.
    • Try to do specialization in one field & software, it will become your strong point and essence of your job.

    I hope I answered your question.

    Thanks for reading!

    Connect with me on Linkedin (Aachri Tyagi) to ask more questions.

  • Rana Hushen

    March 8, 2022 at 8:00 pm

    Yes you can absolutely learn graphic design for free and the best platform for learning new skills for free is YouTube.

    What you need to do is :

    1. Choose a software you wanna learn like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape (best free illustrator alternative ).
    2. Now find out a channel which has a good course for that software or a whole channel which is dedicated to the software like ‘Logos by nick’ for GIMP(best photoshop free alternative) and Inkscape and ‘Envato tuts+’ for Illustrator and many other Adobe softwares.
    3. Follow their videos/courses/crash courses and enjoy the learning.
    4. Now make a habit of practicing like I used to practice after every video and made any thing possible using the stuff taught till now.
    5. Now you can say that you know a specific software decently or maybe better than that.

    That’s how you can learn graphic design for free.

    I hope this was helpful.