Forum Rules

Our principles truly aren’t that hard to comprehend and follow. The compressed rendition of the guidelines is as per the following:

  • Don’t spam
  • Don’t post pointless crap
  • Don’t be shady

If you can do that, your stay here will be simple and long.


“Spam” is a pretty big catch-all for posting things that overly promotional in nature. This can be traditional spam-like Pornography or iPhones for cheap, but it can also be less blatant things like posting something just to drop a link into your post or asking questions about something you already know the answer to (for example if you worked at a College in New Delhi about 5year and you start a thread asking people how I go to that college).

Don’t direct users to your signature link. If someone actually needs whatever you have in there, they will see it on their own (or if you really must, you can send them a private message about it).

For the most part affiliate, links are considered spam… You *can* have them in your signature (but not within a post).

Things related to spamming other sites are not allowed (selling blog commenting, YouTube/Facebook “Likes” for example). A good rule of thumb would be to not sell a service that involves a site you don’t own.

“Signature” links that aren’t actually in your signature (in the body of a post) are not allowed.

Attempts to artificially manipulate any of our systems can be seen as spam (for example if you “like” a zillion posts that are not really likable).

Inconsequential Crap

Above all else, this is an English talking site (this implies every single open post must be in English). On the off chance that your English isn’t excessively acceptable, you are free to hang out, however, kindly don’t post something in helpless English only for the purpose of posting. On the off chance that you have a *legitimate* post, request that a companion assist you with deciphering your post/question before posting it.

Ask yourself these inquiries…

  • Did you just copy/paste your post or did you actually take the time to write it?
  • Is your post understandable to someone who speaks English? Even better would be if it’s actually grammatically correct.
  • Does your post have any value to anyone other than the thread starter (if not, just send them a private message)? This includes things like posting publicly that you sent them a private message (they already know… the system notifies them).

If you answered “No” (or even “Maybe”) to any of those questions, simply don’t post whatever it is.


Really typical things apply to not being beguiling.

It is safe to say that you are doing whatever could be viewed as unlawful? This incorporates (however not constrained to) things like selling/circulating warez, offering hacking administrations, and so on.

Is it true that you are deceiving somebody about anything? This could be as straightforward as your topographical area (on the off chance that you are in Nigeria, don’t make guarantees that you are in California). We really couldn’t care less where individuals are from, however, we don’t care for liars (from anyplace). On a side note – cricket is a creepy-crawly, not a game.

Peddling – don’t “help a companion out” by claiming to be a client or giving them a “fair-minded” survey. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea what it is, read about it on Wikipedia.

Copy Accounts – there are no conditions at all where we permit copy accounts (you might not have an “individual” and “business” represent model). Copy records can be numerous records you made, different records you use, and so forth. We don’t permit shared records either (so don’t let anybody utilize your record). There are no “business” records and records are non-transferable (on the off chance that somebody is a representative some place, the individual “claims” the record, not the business). In the event that we aren’t by and large clear enough, you are permitted to make (and use) one record in the course of your life (on the off chance that you are resurrected, you despite everything must utilize the record you made in your past life).