5 Insanely Famous Brand Logos and their Hidden Meaning

We all have come across different products which creates a unique impression on us. For most of the time while we are unaware, we tend to pick up the products which has great design, isn’t it?

Since the Dawn of Business, company has used logos to emphasis their presence, to convey emotions and build a brand loyalty for their business.

Today we are going to dive deep into the meaning of 5 famous logos and the meaning behind the design.

  1. Amazon

Amazon Logo  The rise of Amazon is an inspiration to many start-up founders across the world and not to forget the Flipkart as well. Indirectly Amazon has impacted the Indian Start-Up ecosystem great way.

We can all gauge the fact that upon first glance at the Amazon logo we can clearly see the Yellow arrow mark represent a smiley face , but upon close examination we can decipher that the Arrow represents A — >  Z which means Amazon sells everything.

  1. Cisco




The American Conglomerate sells IT & Networking hardware and software’s. Its brand value has just grown over the year.

The logo of CISCO represents the two towers of the Golden Gate Bridge home to its headquarter. The founder’s has even named the company as “cisco” ripped off from San FranCISCO.

  1. Nike


Who doesn’t want a nice pair of shoes or sports accessories from Nike?

Do you know its iconic “Swoosh” logo has just cost $35 to the Nike Owners?

Nike Logo represent motion which gives a subtle advice to all its fellow brand loyalist that no matter what just set your dreams into motion.

  1. Hyundai


Hyundai is one of the market leader in Automobile Industry all around the globe.

However the logo can be easily misjudged as just a letter H representing the company’s name starting letter. When we observe closely, the letter H actually represents two person shaking the hand i.e. one is of Hyundai Representative and another is of the Client.

  1. Mercedes



Mercedes is an emotion for all those who are luxury car enthusiasts. It represents Luxury and it demand respect. So, obviously its logo should carry its weight too.

But do you actually know what the Mercedes logo represents?

The Tri-Star represents the three aspect of Earth i.e. Land, Air and Water. The circle which enclose the Tri-Star represents Domination across Land, Air and Water.


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